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11 Million Barclays Bank ATM Theft Was An Inside Job



Director of Criminal Investigation Gerge Kinoti  now says  they will parade  before the publiuc and lay bare what happened in theft of cash at various Barclays bank ATM machines to the tune of  ksh. 11 million over Easter holidays .

According to DCI the theft and all coordination done to steal the cash was well orchestrated and planned  by the employess of Barclays Bank and that the investigation are on top gear.

‘‘I want to make it clear that this time round we will lay everything bare to the public,what happened  is a constructive theft spearheaded by those working inside the institution and anybody from outside was just a facilitator.’’ Kinoti said.

According to the DCI boss they have made massive progress and soon the suspects will be arraigned in  court though he was adamant discussing the number of suspects arrested so far saying it may jeopardize the investigation process.

‘‘We can assure you that we have arrested individuals and we don’t want to disclose how many are they, give us time but what i can tell you is that the investigations over this matter is almost through.’’ He noted.

CCTV  footage obtained by DCI  shows the men, who seem to have information about the bank’s ATM security codes, strike two machines and make off with the money.

An ATM at Kenyatta National Hospital was emptied of Sh4.3 million, while another at The Mater Hospital was drained of Sh1 million. Sh6.29 million was stolen from an ATM at Mutindwa.

The KNH theft happened at 11pm last Friday but was reported to the police on Saturday.

A G4S official identified in police documents as Wilson Mzedi reported the theft to Capitol Hill police station, Kilimani.