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11 year old girl gang raped in Eastleigh

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By Sammy Namatsi

An 11year old girl in Kayole’s Matopeni area is living in agony after she was gang raped by four men in Eastleigh area.

The girl was offered a ride by a boda boda guy after being sent away from home by her parents.

The boda boda guy left him in Eastleigh where she was defiled by a gang of four men and dumped at a nearby a river.

The relatives of the girl however say that the incident was as a result of parental negligence since no attention is given to the girl and her siblings.

They say that the girl had been sent away from home by her mother two weeks before the incident happened

Speaking to Ghetto Radio the girl’s aunt Aisha Odhiambo said “The girl passes through a lot of mistreatment and humiliation from her mother. My sister who abuses drugs does not consider her daughter’s age and sends her to buy drugs even in wee hours of the night and this exposes her to risks.”

Aisha added the girl spends nights outside in the cold and goes days without food or sanitation and her parents show no concern.

She said that she has tried talking to her sister to at least take care of her children but the plea falls on deaf ears and times it turns in to a fight.

“The sad part is that even when the girl passed through trauma after the rape incident, her mother still mistreated her and even chased her away a second time. Her mother claims that the misfortune is the girls fault and she feels no remorse for her,” she added.


This matter has been given a blind eye by the relevant authorities in Kayole including the child support office in the area. The girl’s relatives with the help of Kayole social justice group- a community based organization have taken the matter to Kayole police station but no action has been taken against the girl’s parents.

George Ogada the chairperson for Kayole social justice group says that their efforts to change the situation of the girl and her siblings have so far not bore any fruits since they have not received any legal support from the authorities.

Mr. Ogada has said that the police station of Kayole and Njiru are incompetent since they have failed to act on the issue. He and the girl’s relatives are calling on child support organizations to rescue the girl and the relevant authorities to take legal action on her parents.




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