13 year old boy rescued from angry mob in Kibra

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Children protection officers in Kibra have rescued a 13 year old boy from an angry mob that wanted to kill him after he was caught stealing.

Humphrey Lando says that the boy has been a street child  who has been wallowing in the streets of Nairobi after escaping a violent and abusive father in Mombasa.

“So the abusive from the father made this boy to escape to Nairobi by hanging on transit lorries that were coming from Mombasa to Nairobi,” said Lando.

Humprey Lando who is also the chairman of Peace Building Committee in Kibra says that upon arriving in Nairobi, the boy lost his way to his mother and turned into a street boy and a thug.

“He has been stealing from people and even his hand has been cut due to theft. I came into contact with him when he was about to be lynched by a mob in Kibra and saved him,” he says.

Upon conducting investigations using the information given by the boy they have managed to re-unite him with the mother who lives in Kibra.

Mary Alianya the boy’s mother has expressed joy for being reunited with her son and has promised to keep an eye on her and take him back to school.

“I am happy, I have found my son who fled his abusive father but unfortunately lost his way and joined dangerous gangs. But he has accepted to change and go back to school,” stated Alianya.