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14 year old boy travels in a boat, boda boda for selfie with Harmonize

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Moses Barseme a fourteen year old from Congo Kinshasa and an ardent fan of Harmonize has baffled netizens for his treacherous move from Kinshasa in pursuit of his role model, Harmonize.

The soft spoken youngster embarked on the journey all by himself after his father saw him off at the airport in Congo where he failed to get a flight due to documentation.

He had set his sight on reaching Daressalam and failing to catch a flight did not dampen his spirits.

He travelled by water – boat, Bodaboda and bus.

He also faced the wrath of immigration officials who locked him up for days in a quest to get him back to his country of origin as he lacked valid travel documents.

When asked what he would tell The Konde Gang President he produced his smartphone and said he was looking forward for a Selfie moment with the Starbefore he embarks on his journey to his motherland.

He also dreams of being a Star someday.


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