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14,000 Youths Die From Consumption Of Illegal Alcohol Products

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Approximately 14,000 youth die each year from the consumption of illegally brewed alcohol.

A research done by done by Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) many more suffer from permanent defects like blindness from the consumption of illegal brews.

Speaking to the press, COFEK Secretary General Mr. Stephen Mutoro said, there are more than 900 unlicensed factories in the country that manufacture these brews.

Mutoro says most of these brewers collude with corrupt law enforcement officers.

He says Genuine alcoholic manufacturers suffer a big loss due the production of second generation alcohol products that in turn bring a 30 billion loss in annual revenue.

He has urged the government through NACADA and other stakeholders to embark on a continuous consumer sensitization campaign to educate the consumers on the dangers of consuming unlicensed products.

The research revealed that most illegal brews were conterfeiting the KEBS quality mark by using already used bottles to package their illicit products.

Affected brands included Metropolitan Gin, Kingston Vodka, Simba Waragi, Shakers Vodka, Dolphin Vodka and Empire Cane Spirit.





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