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16 people injured in Mathare clashes


At least 16 people have been injured in Mathare’s Mlango Kubwa area following an alleged community clash in the area.

Among the injured include police officers who had gone to calm the fight and three children.

The chaos which took place on Sunday morning reportedly started after a boy was reportedly killed in the area.

The injured suffered knife and panga wounds.

“What happened on Sunday morning was as a result of a killing that took place on Saturday at night. The boy was allegedly killed by people belonging to one faction,” narrated Emily Wangare a resident of Mathare.

Apparently the Saturday night killing was not the first incident that caused tension between the two warring factions in Mathare.

According to Wangare, one faction had also burnt down some houses after one of them was attacked in Mathare.

Aggrey Amutavi a boda boda says that he bumped into one group that was wielding pangas while at work.

The group then attacked him, hit his head with pangas and he lost consciousness.

“I was carrying fish worth Ksh. 2,500, all that was lost. My new motorbike also got lost,” he narrated.

He says that he was treated at the MSF Hospital in Mathare.

More than 40 people have been arrested.