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16 Year Old Boy Shot By Police In Mistaken Identity


A middle aged woman in Nairobi’s Korokocho slums is appealing for justice after her sixteen year old son was murdered by police in what she says was a mistaken identity.

Christine Mutave says that her son Pius Mutuku was sprayed with seven bullets on Valentine’s Day at around 9 PM.

“At around 9.30 PM on Valentine’s Day, a boy came and called up my younger son from the house only to tell him that Mutuku had been shot dead by police. I came out of the house and found both of them on the floor crying,” narrates Mutave.

“I waited for them to finish crying then asked him where it all happened and he told me that he was shot dead near the Tumaini Supermarket,” she says.

She says she woke up his son the following morning and told him to go look for his brother. She says they found him at the mortuary with seven bullet wounds.

Mutave who spoke to Ghetto Radio News says that after killing him, the police then took out a homemade pistol and a knife and placed them on him claiming that he was a thief.

Mutave’s neighbour Maureen Auma claims that after shooting Mutuku, the rogue police officer known as Omollo then exclaimed saying he had shot the wrong person.

According to Auma, the officers were looking for a suspected thug known as Baha but mistakenly shot Mutuku thinking it was him.

A Facebook page run by Hessy Wa Dandora states that the boy murdered by police of Valentine’s Day was Baha. The family however disputes that their son was never called Baha but Mutuku.