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19 year old boy kills mother in cold blood

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A 19 year old boy has been accused killing his 35 year old mother in Mowlem, Kayole area.

Esra Odeyo a Nyumba Kumi Chairman says that the woman was found dead in her house after her daughter who is in school raised an alarm.

According to Odeyo, they suspect that the boy killed the mother since they just lived the two of them in the house.

“Huyo mama nikama kijana alimuuwa kwa sababu wanaishi kwa nyumba na kijana. Huyo mschana alikuwa anapigia mama yake simu kujua hali ya mama yake lakini simu ilikuwa mteja. Mschana kurudi alipata kifuli kwa nyumba na wakamtafta adi kwa kanisa lakini walimkosa,” said Odeyo.


Odeyo says that the daughter then reported to the Kwa Maji Police Post with investigating officers forced to break the door.

The police found the already decaying body of the woman in the bedroom with knife wounds.

“Hao maofficer waliamua sasa waende wabomoe mlango waangalie shida ni nini. Waliingia kwa bedroon na wakisukuma mlango walianza kuskia harufu na walipoingia walipata damu imetapaka na mama amedungwa visu na amelala,”he added.

According to Odeyo the slain woman could not be heard crying for help since she lives in her own compound with no neighbours around

The son has since gone missing and his phone has been off since Thursday.

The body was taken to the mortuary and the investigations leading to death has already started.



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