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19 year Old Girl’s Cry For Justice After Boyfriend Murders her Son


A 19 year old girl from Obama estate in Njiru is appealing for justice after her boyfriend murdered her two year old son.

Melvine Diana Akinyi says that she had just lived with the man known as Moses Otieno for two months before he hit her son to death.

Akinyi says that on that fateful day, Otieno wanted to go busk in the sun with the boy but when the boy refused to wear his shoes, he got angry and hit the boy three times on the back and threw him against the wall.

“I was outside washing clothes and my baby was sleeping. He then woke up the baby from his sleep and wanted to take him out to go busk in the sun. He then asked the boy to wear his shoes but when the boy refused, he hit him at the back three times then pushed him and the boy hit his head,” narrates Akinyi.

Akinyi says that he then picked the boy and put him back to bed and then fled.

Upon seeing that, Akinyi then rushed to her sister’s place to get help with the situation.

“When we got back with my sister, we found the boy dead,” she says.

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Akinyi’s brother Miltone Oduor says that the man had hinted to his friends that he did not want to raise another man’s child.

“When we got the report of my nephew’s death, I spoke to some of his friends and the friends told me that he had told them that he had a very good wife whose only fault was that she had a child and he did not want to raise another man’s child,” said Oduor.


According to Oduor they have reported the matter to the police and a man hunt has been launched.

Akinyi says that she wants justice for her child.

Natamani ashikwe, yeye pia apigwe akufe vile motto wangu amekufa. Yeye pia watu wao wakuwe na uchungu yenye niko nayo,” she said.

The boy will be laid to rest tomorrow in Gem, Siaya County.