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  • 1Million at stake in Krg and Andrew Kibe fight.
  • Andrew Kibe was the first to dare Krg who has since accepted the challenge.
  • Harmonize recently dared pro boxer, Mwakinyo for a duel which is yet to go down. Zari’s husband Shakib has also shown interest to fight Harmonize. 

The highly anticipated fight between Andrew Kibe and Krg The Don will see the winner walking away with 1Million Kenya Shillings in a three-round bout. According to Kibe, who put out the offer affirmed that he will teach Krg a lesson and earn respect.

Kibe further added that he will punish Krg in the ring with a months ultimatum before the massacre.

He further taunted the ‘Mambo Imechemka’ singer to prepare for his downfall even if he will get the best training.

The popular You Tuber wasn’t shy of raising eyebrows when he revealed that 10 per cent of the fortune will be spent on entertaining whores huh!

“We put a purse of 1Million Kenya Shillings whoever wins walks away with 1Million shillings okay are we together so the purse is simple 1Million in a ring with you three rounds 1 Million Kenya Shillings…Mwenye anapigwa ananyamaza ukuwe na heshima hiyo heshima nataka idumu so I want to teach you a good lesson in the ring” fired Kibe.



Krg Accepts Challenge

With Kibe’s dare on Krg travelling like wildfire, Krg statement accepting the challenge was also piercing through the internet.

Known for his braggadocio, Krg fired back while displaying boxing gloves at a press conference.

He noted that he’s way ahead of Kibe as far as life issues are concerned. Krg disclosed that the only area Kibe outshines him it’s through his ‘dirty mouth’.

“I have accepted your challenge, tukutane kwa ring tugaragaze” partly replied Krg.

Krg maintained that Kibe was staking the 1million shillings out of poverty. With this, Krg vowed to beat up Kibe and pay for his medical costs.

The ball is now on Kibe’s court with Krg open to any date within the month of August.

Are boxing challenges the new thing? Harmonize recently dared pro boxer, Mwakinyo for a duel which is yet to go down. Zari’s husband, Shakib has also shown interest to fight Harmonize.



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