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20 years later, what next for the victims of August 7th 1998 attack?

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By Annette Amondi

Today Kenya marks the 20th anniversary since Al Qaeda terrorists bombed the US embassy in Nairobi, killing 213 people, most of them Kenyans.

For thousands of victims maimed, widowed or orphaned by the 1998 attack, it has been two decades of utter agony.

Ghetto radio team spoke to a few victims of the terror attack that shook the entire East African community.

Speaking to Maji Maji,Georgez of Embakasi narrated how he does not hope to ever receive compensation from the government.


Georges lost his mother during the attack which took place just a day after losing his eldest brother.

He says the last twenty years have not been easy because living without his mother has not been easy.

“It worries me that the U.S citizens that were affected on that day were compensated but those in Kenya were never compensated.” He said

Another victim Evans Githu narrated how he lost his wife during the terror attack.

He says he has never missed any celebration to remember his late wife for the past twenty years.

“This is the first celebration in twenty years we are seeing officials, We have actually been left to struggle with these commemorations in the previous years, Normally the Americans come very early in the morning, they lay their flowers then leave.” Said Evans during the 20th celebrations

Evans lost his wife of 18 years during the attack leaving him to raise their four sons together.

One common tale from the victims is their tireless quest for compensation that has carried on for two decades.

On the morning of August 7th 1998, a  bomb went off at the US embassy located at the junction of Moi Avenue and Hail Sellasie avenue killing almost 220 victims and leaving scores injured. Shortly after a second Bomb went off leveling another US embassy located in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

The blast site in Nairobi has since been converted into a memorial park in memory of the victims of that day’s terror attack.



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