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2017 scare!! If this is what mama Kevin saw in 2013 elections


mama2Meet Lucy (MamaKevo/ MamaChipo) a 2013 PEV victim on #TrueGhettoStory segment on the #Brekko
breakfast show hosted by Majimaji and King Kafu.
“Did I vote to deserve this? ” She asks herself but still determined to Vote.
Lucy had a successful wholesale shop at Kawangware, Nairobi but was looted and burnt down soon after former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga announced the disputed Presidential election results.
She had to run for her life with one kid Jose on her back and Kevo on her arms… she watched helplessly as her shop burnt down.

With her two kids in the rain at night, she had nowhere to go to.
Red cross gave her a sleeping net & a bucket which she sold as it was of no use with nowhere to sleep…. the story goes on with pain, until now whereby she is a struggling mama chipo selling chips mwitu mtaani…

And to prove the country isn’t out of the woods yet in terms of tribal clashes, earlier this week it was reported that a man was shot dead in Naivasha inter-clan clashes in Tribal clashes that erupted in troubled area of Kosovo in Naivasha leaving one man dead and over ten houses burnt.

This brought to seven the number of people who have been killed in the area since the year began.
So think not if you thought 2013 was peaceful, it was not just as worse as 2007… So what for 2017? Peace is in our hands. Let’s embrace it!