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Watch Socialite Huddah Singing To Mercy Masika’s “Nikupendeze” (Video)


huddahWell,Huddah is a household name and i need not introduce her or whatever she does.

Now with the life she leads,one would easily mistake the petite 23-year old for a non-spiritual being…..but that’s not the case at all.

As a matter of facts,well as i just learnt,Huddah is quite a believer but not clear on what religion.She credits God for her “successfulness” and is a Mercy Masika’s fan.

So apparently,the former BBA 2013 representative decided to surprise her fans yesterday after she took to her Insagram page to reveal the believer she is by posting a video of herself singing along Mercy Masika’s hitsong “Nikupendeze”.

However as controversy is part of her nature,the video bears a Huddah covered in some “satanic” edited face-thanks to Snapchat not to mention the caption that mentioned Islamic prophet Muhammed and Jesus in the same sentence contradicting whether she is Muslim or Christian.

The caption read;

huddahthebosschick KARAOKE …. . NEVER forgetting my God almighty, to be someone in this world you need God ? . I shock a lot of DJs X crowds at my events when I ask for a GODly song .I am a believer . God made me who I am today! ? #Prayers #Allah #God #Yesu #Muhammad all in one ?”

Watch the video below;