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Was Willy Paul Really Sober When Doing This? (Video)


WILLYControversial Gospel artiste, one Willy Paul now riding high as Willy Pozee is not new with character mimicking. Apart from making music and leading a super dramatic and controverting life, Willy Paul is a talent actor/comedian.

Willy Paul has in the past mimicked Bahati, Raila and even former ailing President Mwai Kibaki. However, of all his mimick stunts, I can bet that nothing beat this recent video posted on his own Instagram account.

In the video, the artiste riding high with his newest single “Fanya” is seated on a bed in what seemingly looks like his bedroom and playing with his piano.

The video begins with sharp sounds produced by the piano resembling the very sounds effects used in Nigerian movies to symbolize a tragic moment or rather suspense.

He then goes on ;

Mama! Mama!” he calls out.

“What is it my son? ( In another tone)

“Papa is dead!” he laments

“My enemies have finally succeeded to pin me down!” (he cries out in the second tone)

At this level, anyone would easily assume that Willy Paul wasn’t in his sober self baring in mind he was once caught on Camera draining a bottle of “Magnum Cream”, an alcoholic drink containing 12% alcohol content.

Willy Paul then wrapped up the intent of the said footage by closing with;

” Naija Wacheni Kutuenjoy.”

Ooh, now i get it, he was making fun of Nigeria’s film culture of using very high piano keys to exaggerate a tragic situation.

Check out the video ;