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Hassan Joho Embarrasses Women Who Cannot Cook!! (Video)


johoCity women are known for their love for junk foods, a reason why businesses like Galitos, KFC, Manhattan, Coldstone, Debonairs and others can never go down due to a strong clientele backbone.

For this reason, plus many others…..2 out of 10 unmarried women (myself included) actually cook in their limited-spaced bed sitters or campus hostels.

Want to believe what  am saying, ask your girlfriend to prepare you some Pilau…. wait, Pilau is too much, just a single Chapati!! A Pilau Njeri and Chapo mwitu is what you’ll get trust you me.

So his Excellency and Handsomeness- Governor of Mombasa County,one Hassan Joho alias 001 decided to embarass women in broad daylight,maybe suggesting you should go wife hunting at the coast(warning:- those ones are good cooks but lazy than you can imagine).

Apart from his good looks and zero chills when stripping the government, Joho is a good cook. Joho is the type of men who will come home late (from his busy work schedule of course) and not wake his wife up to make him something but do it himself thanks to his Swahili upbringing.

So a video bearing 001 in the kitchen preparing his friend some plantains, biriani and tea has surfaced online and everyone is showering him with praise.

When your girlfriend doesnt know what is a “kitunguu Saumu” or “Tangawizi”…or even “Iliki”….Joho is busy smashing them altogether at the comfort of his kitchen.

The video below says it all;