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Five reasons why Boniface Mwangi should fail in his Starehe bid

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boni3Famous activist Boniface Mwangi has hit the headlines after he announced his bid to vie for the parliamentary seat in Starehe.The controversial human rights defender said this during his ‘ unbounded’ book launch at the Alliance Francais. He joins the likes of business man Francis Mwangi and Kwenya Mwaniki who seek to oust the incumbent Maina Kamanda.

While this can only be described as walking the talk of team courage, it might also be the dumbest decision he has ever made and a possible killer of his ‘Meaningful noise’. Kenyans should not allow his suicidal mission and here are five reasons why;

Systemic rot sucks in

‘Clean water can never make dirty water clean but dirty water makes clean water dirty’, this has been proven over time in the Kenyan politics as once noble characters who have joined politics have been marred with alleged corruption cases or their zest for change drowned by the numbers who thrive in bad governance. Bonnie is better placed outside than inside. No one survives bad politics, you either join them or forever become a bitter, would have been hero.

Sane madness needed in the streets

Bonnie currently stands as that painful thorn in government’s butt and with a senseless and agenda-less opposition he proved a lifeline for Wanjiku who would want to raise issues. His street madness minus political outfits gave the common mwananchi platform for that, therefore joining the other side would be a betrayal to the revolution spirit.

Kenyan courage at infancy

Through his advocacy for good governance and ‘mulikaing’ infant mentality ,he has slowly but steadily been able to plant the courage seed in most youth. Abandoning the seed bed right now would only mean withering for the soldiers of courage who would now view him as an Mpig.


Double Standards Much

Bonnie has received accolades for being that nut-head who has guts to call it out as it is and walk out on people who threaten his principles and integrity. Choosing to now share a platform with them would reek of hypocrisy and double standards

Pigs are a cursed lot

It is said that pigs are not afraid of dirt and a match with them would only leave the non pig in an undesirable condition covered in filth. This team courage leader should fight away from the stables and let the pigs be.

Starehe constituents should let the streets enjoy the balls of steel a little longer. They owe it to Kenyans

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