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38 year old man hacks father to death, mutilates body


A38 year old man has been arrested in Silanga Village Ol Kalou after he allegedly hacked his father to death.

Daniel Kamau is said to have had a quarrel with his father John Maina, 63,who refused to give him some money for food.

After the incident, the suspect is said to have gone to Silanga market where he confessed that he had killed his father for refusing to give him Sh6,000.

The suspect allegedly also bragged that he does not regret his action saying that he has saved his siblings from his father’s arrogance.

Neighbors said Kamau told them that he found his father dead, and did not know who killed him.

“But I noticed he had a cut on his hand and I asked him how it happened. He said he got injured while starting his father’s car to take his body to the mortuary,” neighbor James Mwangi said.

When the police arrived, Kamau allegedly told them he killed the father because he became hostile and insulted him when he asked for Sh6,000 to buy food.

“He insulted me yet he knows I get mad. We decided to fight to see who could beat the other. I took the fork jembe and hit him hard. I then took the knife and cut his neck.I was angry because he told me to go to Murang’a and ask for money from my mother. Now I feel good. What else can you do when he is dead? Even if I’m taken to court, I will admit I killed him,” he said

The suspect was taken to Ol Kalou police station while his father’s body was taken to J M Memorial Hospital.