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Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA) in conjunction with Tackle Africa has organized a MYSA DREAMS Tournament scheduled for Saturday 29th July 2017 at the MYSA Headquarters, Komarocks from 8am -5pm.

This tournament aims to increase uptake of Voluntary HIV Testing and Counseling (VCT) and Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) to help prevent the spread of HIV.Young people in Mathare, lack of knowledge and lack of access to services can contribute to low uptake of these vital HIV/AIDS services.

This tournament will provide education and HIV services at pitch side throughout a fun day of football, and has attracted 17 teams in the U14 boys’ category and over 250 people expected to attend the event. Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA) and Tackle Africa

MYSA was founded in 1987, in Mathare area of Nairobi; home to some of Africa’s largest and poorest slums in Africa. MYSA was the first to link sports with social improvement and community development activities, e.g. garbage collection, environmental improvement and HIV / AIDS prevention and awareness.

Since its establishment, MYSA is now the largest self-help youth sports and community service organization in Africa and is recognized as an example of excellence within the sport and development world.

Founded in 2002 in the UK, Tackle Africa now works in eight African countries to create an Africa where all young women and men have the information, understanding, confidence, freedom and resources to make the right choices to protect themselves and each other from HIV.

Tackle Africa has been working with MYSA since 2011 and builds MYSA’s capacity by training and coaching their coaches to deliver HIV education through football coaching programs and refer boys to clinical services, and also by working closely with their VCT staff to provide a mobile youth friendly service.