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40 people arrested at a pub in Umoja’s  Bee Center


40 people were arrested on Tuesday  at a drinking joint in Umoja’s Bee Center.

The group had allegedly locked themselves at Harry’s Tavern in outright defiance of the safety protocols set by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

Authorities report that the group was rounded up from the premises where they were enjoying their drinks behind closed doors.

Some of those who were in the pub however managed to escape arrest after jumping out through the windows.

The group is set to be placed under a 14 day mandatory quarantine.

This comes just a week after the Government issued conditions to allow eateries to open.

On Tuesday CS Kagwe however pointed out that Kenyans have taken advantage of the directive to hop from one restaurant to another taking “one sausage and two beers” until they have drunk enough.

“People have been going to pubs or to eateries, they order one sausage and two beers then go to another restaurant and have another sausage and two more beers… They then go to another and ask for an orange — in the name of a dessert — then take two more beers… Surely? What is that? What are you doing?” he said