A fraction of leaders from the Kenya Kwanza regime has gone into hiding after reports of being sought out for arrest for allegedly rounding up perpetrators to attack the citizens protesting against the government’s increased taxes and high cost of living.

In Summary:

● A fraction of Kenya Kwanza leaders are being sought out for allegedly bankrolling & arming goons to attack anti-government protesters.

● Circulation of suggestive videos online has been a major contributor of the tension among kenyans who seem to have outgrown their tribal lines.

● Business & the transport sector especially within Nairobi have been disrupted while the situation is being assessed.

According to Nairobi Police, at least 5 warrants of arrest were released for some five Kenya Kwanza politicians who were affiliated in the disruptive scheme.

As per intelligence reports, this section of politicians were bank rolling and arming unruly goons to create a fracas during the planned and legally established three day demonstrations from Wednesday to Friday.

Kenyans protest high cost of living.

Reportedly, four of these Kenya Kwanza leaders wanted for arrest and questioning are former Members of Parliament.

“What they are planning is criminal and they are being sought for at the moment. The rest are well reportedly clarified.

Police officers working undercover were reportedly sent to various parts within and outside of Nairobi in efforts to catch these instigators and bring them to justice.

Search squads were reportedly also sent to their homes within the capital and also in the country side bit came up empty handed. The search in their homes was concluded on Wednesday morning according to reports.

Online Instigators

Also in investigation was an array of short video clips in online circulation featuring an anonymous group wielding machetes and taking part in some sort of oath taking.

Though Kenyans seem to have moved past the ignorant mentality of classifying themselves through tribal lines, such videos bring a certain tension and memories of a dark past of tribal clashes.

However, Kenyans have come to understand that the worthy battle is not between tribes but rather between the oppressed and the oppressors.

Kenyans from all tribal backgrounds have been taking part in the recent demonstrations with one unified goal; an outcry to mitigate the high cost of living and increased taxes.

Disruption of Crucial Sectors

Due to the ongoing, 3-day demonstrations, the transport sector has been majorly affected with long distance travelers are being forced to suspend their trips on short notice.

The Kenya Railways has also announced the suspension of operations in Nairobi within the week while public service vehicles opt to stay off the roads for now as they assess the situation.

Some businesses have also closed down due to the fear of property damage.

By J.K.Raminya

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