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5 Main Reasons Why Ruto Might Be Kicked Out Of Jubilee Party


By Majimaji

1.BY ELECTIONS – Deputy President is alleged to be behind and also sponsoring the new political outfit United Democratic Alliance (UDA)  that has also sponsored candidates against the Jubilee Party and against Jubilee supported candidates. This was seen in Kibra where Uhuru and section of Jubilee members led by Maina Kamanda dubbed Kieleweke preferred and campaigned for ODM Candidate Imran Okoth. The other by election situations were in Msambweni and Matungu. The hotly contested London Ward and Hells Gate ward by elections also saw UDA and Jubilee lock horns.

2. BBI – He has distanced himself from the BBI initiative and on national platforms openly criticized the contents of the BBI. At Bomas during the launch, Uhuru even chided Ruto for running a relay race in the opposite direction.

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3.HANDSHAKE -The Bromance of Uhuru and Ruto immediately faded after the former shook hands with his arch rival and fierce critic Raila Odinga. Ruto has openly and brazenly declared that he is not a supporter of the infamous handshake to the chagrin of Uhuru and his allies. Judging from the history of Kenyan deputies, one would expect a total support of any decision by the President and any difference of opinion should be addressed remotely and not in public glare.

4.EARLY CAMPAIGNS – The president has also not been comfortable with Ruto’s early campaigns claiming it affects the political stability of the party and the country. The hustler narrative has been criticized by the president’s team as a dangerous ideology and against Jubliee party policies of national unity and cohesion.

5.PARTY LOYALTY – On party loyalty, the Deputy President is seen as rocking the boat from the inside with his followers openly criticizing the president and party decisions in parliament, media and in public rallies.