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  • 50 Cent has taunted P. Diddy over his recent alleged rape case of former girlfriend, Casie.
  • Diddy had an out of court agreement with Cassie said to be worth millions of shillings.
  • It’s not the first time for 50 Cent to taunt Diddy, the former also accused the rap mogul of having a hand in Tupac’s shooting.

50 Cent has continued his onslaught on rap mogul, Diddy over his recent alleged rape case on former girlfriend, Cassie.

Taking to his Instagram, the In Da Club rapper shared a photo of Diddy and Cassie during their hey days with funny captions.

According to 50 Cent, Diddy had bought Cassie to go slow on his alleged rape case.

“If I text you this. It means I want my money by tomorrow…I’m not waiting till Monday” read the post.

Fans Reactions

Fans are continuing to enjoy 50 Cent’s taunting of Diddy with many noting how he’s been all over Diddy during his trying times.

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We sampled a few of the comments below.

“Curtis the ONLY male in the game to stand on business when it comes to the weird sh*t that be happening”

“Fifty must really know some terrible shit about Diddy the way he taunts him publicly and Puff never says shit let me know Fifty got that boy number lol”

“King of trolling”

“This is funny as hell. ‘Run me my money’ summed up in one sentence”

“Man you got no chill”

A fortnight ago, Diddy reached an out of court agreement with his former girlfriend, Cassie.

Cassie was suing Diddy for an alleged rape case, physical assault and sex trafficking.

Diddy was said to have forced Cassie to have sex with high-end escorts while he masturbated.

Before the lawsuit could take take effect, Cassie was reported to have cleared the mess with Diddy in a deal rumored to be worth millions.

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However, a statement from Diddy’s attorney affirmed that the out of court settlement did not mean that Diddy was guilty.

This is not the first time 50 Cent is trolling Diddy, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper has previously named Diddy for having a hand in Tupac’s killing nearly three decades ago.

November 20, 2023

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