US rapper, actor and tv producer Curtis Jackson commonly known as 50 Cent shared his frustrations with the Grammys academy awards  following Puerto Rican’s  rapper Bad Bunny win for best musica urbana album ‘ Un Verano Sin Ti’.

The In da club rapper was at pains how a non speaking english artist would walk away with the coveted award.He took to Instagram where he poured his anger to the organizers with a photo of Bad Bunny.

“The Grammys need to be check about this,Fvcking @badbunnypr bigger than everybody right now and you can’t pay for closed caption.Wtf is this speaking Non English.😏Fix it!” Wrote 50 Cent partly

His fans seemed to agree with his sentiments and showed their support on the comments section.

“Not even Spanish talking people can understand what he’s singing 😂” shot one fan

“If he can’t sing in English for people to understand how is he the best?🤔

🤔” Fired another fan

“Thank you for bringing this up!!it needs to be rectified asap ” flew another comment

However,there were others that had a different view and showed support for Bad Bunny noting that it was his time to shine.

“Everyone gets there turn you smash the charts.He smashed the Grammys.No English strictly boricua🫡 🇵🇷 🔥 ” wrote one fan

“@badbunnypr is big… Spanish community is streaming and attending his event.. Black people need to support their own artist just the same.Congrats to him.. respectfully ” wrote a second fan

It’s not the first time for 50 Cent to take a swipe at the Grammys.In November 2020, the Get rich or die tryin’ rapper slammed the Grammys after news emerged that the academy had snubbed late rapper Pop Smoke for Best Rap Album 2021.

Justin Bieber,Drake and The Weeknd are some of the artist’s who have also shown displeasure with the Grammys in the past.

With music being  a universal language, Is 50 Cent right by fighting Puerto Rican’s Bad Bunny Grammys win?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

February 10, 2023

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