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  • 50 Cent has called out Diddy for hosting gay parties.
  • The In Da Club rapper has maintained his trolls on Diddy and is not letting go any time soon.
  • Diddy is facing sexual assault cases with more expected to come up.

50 Cent has released another scathing attack aimed at Diddy for hosting gay parties with a photo of the latter performing half naked.

In the photo, the Bad Boy president does a jig with a microphone in hand with his trousers drawn to his feet.

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It also captures some male revelers  and expensive liqour bottles.

“What kinda batty boy party is this! Bumba clot!!! Why ya tink I don’t go to diss?” captioned 50 Cent.

Diddy performing during his alleged ‘gay parties’ PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Netizens have been following  50 Cent’s trolls at Diddy and are mesmerized by the former’s tenacity.

A section also noted that the post came from either Busta Rhymes or a Jamaican friend.

In Jamaica a gay person is a ‘Batty Boy’.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Only 50 can get away with this”

“50 said I’m sick of this in English let me pull out the rasta hat!”

“Note to self never piss or cross 50, notice how many celebs don’t comment they know not to get in it and 50 gives zero f***s he says what many are scared to say”

Just a few days ago, Diddy had an out of court agreement with his former girlfriend, Cassie who had sued him for physical assault and sexual exploitation.

And before the dust could settle, two other women emerged with lawsuits against Diddy.

Throughout the period, the In Da Club rapper has maintained his trolls one after the other.

50 Cent has also been in the frontline accusing Diddy of setting up Tupac’s killing.

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If there’s a troubled man in the world right now then it must be Diddy.

His predicaments seem to be escalating by the day despite his lawyer maintaining innocence in the Cassie saga.

It was said that he let other high-end escorts have sex with Cassie as he masturbated.

50 Cent’s photo of half-naked Diddy seems to corroborate the latter’s sexual orientation.

Diddy is alleged to have slept with Usher Raymond and other men during his extravagant parties.


November 26, 2023

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