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  • 50 Cent trolls Diddy over son’s diss track.
  • The G Unit rapper affirmed that Diddy and his son’s want to kill him the same way their father killed Tupac.
  • 50 Cent is arguably the biggest name in beefs as far as Hip hop is concerned.

50 Cent is continuing to deliver a series of trolls on social media directed at his nemesis Diddy after the latter’s son, King Combs dissed him in a new track. King Combs diss on 50 Cent who is arguably one of the biggest names in Hip hop beef’s history continues to elicit mixed reactions.

A section of Hip hop lovers termed the diss song as a way of Diddy getting on the nerves of 50 Cent who has trolled him for the longest time now.

This would be interpreted as total disrespect towards 50 Cent  from Diddy who let’s his son to fight his battles.

50 Cent during a past show PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Tupac’s Death

While the Akademiks track targeting 50 Cent was piercing through the Hip hop scene, the In Da Club rapper fired back affirming that Diddy and his sons want him killed the same way their father killed legendary Hip hop star, Tupac Shakur.

“I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about puffy’s kids because Keefe D said he killed 2pac Lol” fired 50 Cent in one of the post’s.

Being the godfather of beef’s, 50 Cent was loving every moment as he fired back at the father and son combo with full vengeance.

He termed the family a ‘bunch of idiots’ following a line revealing the family being under investigations by Federal Agents.

King Combs sexual assault case also came into the picture with 50 Cent having a field day with plenty of files in his disposal.

At one time, he also shared a photo of Diddy receiving a kiss from his son, King Combs.

Never Joke With 50 Cent

50 Cent has since emerged as the winner for turning this diss song in his favor. He has been able to clown Diddy and his son the best way possible earning him the title ‘King Of Beef’s.

50 Cent’s past beef with Ja Rule which saw him buy 200 front seats during Ja Rule’s concert in order for him to perform before an empty audience did come to play also.

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This has also been copied by some new cats within the Hip hop and RnB fraternity.



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