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  • 50 Cent trolls Diddy with Trumps edited video.
  • Diddy’s homes in Miami and LA were raided by Federal Agents with two of his sons detained.
  • Diddy is being investigated for possible multiple sex trafficking allegations, rape and battery. 

50 Cent is continuing with his trolling onslaught against beleaguered Hip hop mogul, Diddy this time round with an edited video of former US president, Donald Trump. In the video, Trump terms Diddy ‘stupid’ for following incarcerated RnB star, R. Kelly’s ways, Trump further seeks to have a glimpse of the alleged sex tape between Diddy and rapper Meek Mill.

“Puffy, puffy, puffy you’re stupid ass nigga I told you stop f****g with R. Kelly….You’re really f***d up my nigga, Can I get a copy of the Meek Mill sex tape please nigga” scoffs Trump partly.

According to the In Da Club rapper, the world is nearing its end and there’s nothing to be worried about. However, he distances himself from being the video’s creator while affirming Trump’s second reign at the presidency.

“The worlds almost over so what are we worried about. Who ever made this is f***d up. I think Trumps gonna be president again, but I’m not gonna say that” he captioned.

Fans Reactions

Following 50 Cent’s attack on disgraced Diddy, his commentary is continuing to flood with reactions after the other.

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We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“When R. Kelly and Diddy meet in jail they be like ‘Twin, where’ve you been? Nobody knows me like you do know”

“2024 is wild, and it’s only March”

“Fifty having a good time this season”

“That’s a crazy edit”

Federal Agents cuffing Diddy’s sons PHOTO/GOOGLE


Diddy Homes In Miami, LA Raided, Sons Detained

In the meantime, Federal Agents raided Diddy’s homes in Miami and LA and detained sons, Christian and Justin Combs.

Diddy is being investigated for possible sex trafficking allegations, rape and battery.

Diddy’s ship began to sink when former girlfriend, Cassie accused the Hip hop mogul for pimping her to other men. The singer also alleged to have been battered severally by Diddy.

Other women have since come forward accusing Diddy of the same.

Recently, Diddy’s former producer, Rodney Jones claimed that tried to lure him into homosexuality.

However, both Cassie and Rodney reached an out of court agreement with millions said to have worked the magic.

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Surprisingly, Rodney filed another case accusing Diddy of harassing his eight year old daughter and her mother.

As Diddy’s woes deepen, we’re yet to get a comprehensive report regarding the raids on his homes.

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