• Kenya’s law currently allows a fully paid three-month maternity leave and a two-week paternity break for fathers.
  • Firms in Kenya are increasingly paying attention to diversity and inclusion
  • EABL  has classified pregnancy loss as bereavement

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has started giving female employees who experience pregnancy loss up to six and half months paid leave to grieve,

The company has  classified pregnancy loss as bereavement and is giving female employees or spouses up to 10 working days of paid leave if the pregnancy loss occurs before 20 weeks.

“We recognise that experiencing pregnancy loss is a grieving process that requires patience and time,” says EABL,

“When pregnancy loss occurs after 20 weeks, the carrying female can access up to 26 weeks while the spouse can access up to 10 working days of paid leave.”

In  July 2019 ,the company roled out a generous maternity and paternity leave ,

EABL offers female employees a minimum of 26 weeks of fully paid maternity leave while male employees get a minimum of four weeks of paternity leave.

Kenya’s Law on Maternity Break

In Kenya, the law requires employers to give their employees at least three months of fully paid maternity leave. However  there are some companies, which recognize that three months is not enough time for the mother and baby.

Most mothers are forced to go back to work and are faced with challenges like:

  • Lack of lactation room
  • Exhaustion
  • insufficient sleep

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been very clear in its support for favorable maternity leave policies. WHO urges employers to help mothers transition back into the workplace environment after giving birth by giving them comfortable leave packages.

Finding support after miscarriage

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy is difficult, but even more so in the second trimester.

Every woman will react differently and have different emotions. For some, talking about it helps. For others, moving on and not talking about it may help. It’s important to find what feels right for you and get the support you need.

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