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844 Million People worldwide still lack access to clean water


Even as the world  marks the World Water Day it has now emerged that an 844 people e around the world do not have access to clean water.

This is according to  Water Aid East Africa which has been working on a new strategy to combat these challenges of water and sanitation.

Water Aid East Africa’s Regional Director, Olutayo  B-Bowale the organization has been trying to find a strategy that will see to it that these numbers are reduced.

“We are working on these strategy together with regional states to ensure that we reduce the numbers of homes that do not have access to clean water and reduce the number of deaths related to water scarcity or lack of clean water.”said B-Bowale

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She also added that the level of people not accessing water in East Africa is alarming and if not properly addressed countries will continue to be affected by droughts thus sustainable measures need to be put in place.

The project dubbed water,sanitation and hygiene(WASH) will in the next four years ensure communities have access to these service resilient to climate change by integrating it with other key development sectors.

According to Ronnie Murungu, Regional Program Manager Water Aid, issues surrounding water need to be a top priorities for the governments

“As governments focus on industrialization in the region,water has to be among their top priorities so as to have solution that will last long to avoid cases of drought that are currently being reported in different countries.”Said Murungu