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86-Year-Old Grandma Becomes Stripper and Pornstar. (Pics)


oldLizzy Oliver is living proof that you’re never too old to set a new goal or start a new venture. The retired high school cook has taken full advantage of the pole dancing lessons offered at her senior’s residence, to start a new career as an erotic dancer.

“I feel more beautiful than ever, I was married for 54 years, had 7 kids, I’m even 24 times a grandmother. But now, I regained my body and my life after I got these buttocks shots. My sex drive is stronger than ever and I’m living in the present moment, it’s awesome. I’m on tour across the country, I dance in many clubs, meet tons of new people… I feel like a star,” she admitted in a recent interview.

Oliver has quickly become famous in the adult entertainment business, something that has brought her numerous offers from the porn industry in return, a possibility she seems to seriously consider.

“At the moment, I must admit that if I haven’t done it yet, it’s mostly a question of scenario. I want something out of the ordinary, like with dwarfs or sumo wrestlers or something like that… I’m an 86-year-old porn star, not quite ordinary myself. I want people to remember me,” says Lizzy with so much confidence.

Well, am still imagining how the porn clip featuring an 86-year-old and dwarf would be like.

This generation though.

Check her out;

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