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Woman Cries For Justice After Husband Is Killed By Police


A woman in Sondu, Kisumu County is crying for justice after her husband succumbed to injuries he allegedly got from the police.

Naomi Akinyi claims that her husband Jacob Ouma died on the 9th of October after he was allegedly brutalized by police officers at the Pap Onditi Police Station.

According to Akinyi, her husband was arrested at Sondu Market on the 19th of June 2021 for allegedly flouting the Covid-19 rules.

“After attending a family funeral, my late husband left for Sondu. We were later informed that he had been arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules. We thought it was just a normal arrest, only to receive a phone the following morning that he is seriously ill and he needed to be taken to the hospital. When I arrived, I found him in an unconscious condition and was lying on the floor,” laments Akinyi.

Akinyi later took her husband to Sigowet Hospital and was later referred to Kericho District Hospital.

Medical tests on Ouma revealed that he had a broken spinal cord and had to be admitted for spinal cord correction surgery.

He then stayed at the hospital for two months as he could not support himself or even eat solid food.

Ouma unfortunately succumbed to his injuries at the Kericho District Hospital after his family was unable to raise money for the corrective surgery.


A police report seen by Ghetto Radio, states that the matter has been reported and the matter is under investigations.

Akinyi is now appealing to the relevant authorities to help find justice for the brutal death of her husband.

 “I am pleading with the government to help me on this, sadly he was the bread winner to my family and now life is equally hard on my side with three children in form four,” she further cries.

According to Akinyi, she reported the death of her husband to the police and so far no action has been taken.

A police report seen by Ghetto Radio says that the matter is still under investigation.