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9 Year wait for a Child – Anthony Owino


By Majimaji

‘Hallo… I love you and want to marry you!’ Anthony Owino’s pick up line would result to an instant marriage! Owino would then live with his wife for nine years without having a child. Two babies later, she passed on.

Antony Owino when he came to Ghetto Radio to tell his True Ghetto Story PHOTO/ Majimaji

It was love at first sight for Antony and Mary Atieno, a woman he saw sitting on a pavement in Mombasa. He found out where she lived with the brother and sent for her. Anthony says he lived in a small ghetto house that had a bed and box as mattress. To his surprise the lady accepted him, travelled to inform her parents in upcountry Siaya County that she had found her husband. He married her in 1996 at the age of 25 years. He however had to wait till he was 36 to have a child, something most men would not.

Just Got Married

They would after 3 weeks start life together as a married couple. Anthony then was earning Kshs. 1500 per month. Out of frustration, he quit his job to both start a mandazi business. He narrates how they would eat mandazi and water for supper in case they did not make enough to buy maize floor and vegetables (Ugali na Mboga).

Three years in marriage, they still had no child. Although hopeful, prayerful and not showing any signs of frustration, it was not easy for the wife who was now getting concerned. She would sleep with a teddy bear and always bought on sight any doll or teddy bear she came across and placed them on the bed and seat. She would invite neighbours’ children and cook for them only to be taken late at night. Out of frustration, she was advised to try witch craft as a solution a story she shared with Anthony who having met God turned down. He instead encouraged her to be patient and wait for God’s time

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Finally Babies and mother’s death

They got a child at the 9th year of their marriage, a son. Six years later a daughter was born. Finally a happy fulfilled couple, Antony with a well-paying job travelling the world and Mary working at a local organization. Anthony became a marketer and renown in Mombasa construction field.

The worst was to happen when Mary passed away due to cancer leaving behind two children and a single father. Anthony did not recover fast from the loss of the wife and mother but four years down the line due to loneliness and needing care for the children he remarried.

Mary Atieno, Antony Owino’s wife before she died

Antony narrated his story to Ghetto radio on True Ghetto story that airs every Thursday from 8-10am hosted by MajiMaji and King Kafu.

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