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•Amber Ray shares her ordeal of being forced to offer a tip
•The two women who were demanding a tip were not even serving her

Socialite Amber Ray has shared her frustrations after she was forced to offer a tip while enjoying herself at an entertainment spot over the weekend.

According to Amber Ray, she detests someone demanding for a tip as it always happens automatically when she’s served in the right manner.

“I went to a place and when i was enjoying myself some two girls came wakanisalimia and then they were like ‘ati Amber tupee tip’ i was so offended like me i don’t like someone asking for tip,as in do your service and kama service yako imeni impress trust you me nitakutip” she stated

Tips are normally offered to those giving a service and its always at the tail end of it, However, this was not the case with Amber Ray, the two women were demanding for it like it’s their birthright.

Amber Ray had to tell them to go slow as she had no cash promising them to borrow from her husband who had then excused himself to the washrooms.

“These girls were not even serving me so i just told them off as in ‘sawa baadaye’ because first nikawaambia ‘sina ata cash’ coz my hubby had gone to the washrooms nikawaambia ‘Mzee akirudi nitamwomba alafu nitawapatia’ they said okay” she continued

Immediately her husband came from the washrooms, the two women resurfaced asking for the tip to the bewilderment of Amber.

“Immediately my Mzee came back guess what the two girls walikuja kama wamekimbia wakasimama hapo kando hivo wananiangalia, I was so offended i just looked at them nikawaambia ‘yeah nawaona i still remember,I will give you the tip” she explained

As if that was not enough, the two women still had the guts to send another patron to remind the now agitated Amber to fork out the tip.

Offering Tips

The service industry like hotel’s and beauty salons have always had giving tips as a form of saying ‘thank you’ for a service well delivered.

However, professionals like doctors, lawyers or teachers do not require tips.

In this case,a gift would be more appropriate.

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