Minor Shot on the Leg in shocking pain.

In Summary

  • A young boy seemingly in his teenage shot on the leg in Mashimoni in Kibra in Nairobi during the protests.
  • Raila condemns use of live bullets as his closest aids, spokesperson and personal bodyguard are claimed to be missing. 9 Azimio allied MPs also arrested.  
  • Nairobi CBD calm but deserted, shops closed losing billions in revenue.

A harmless innocent looking young boy was shot on the leg in Mashimoni, Nairobi. Lovick Anyodi Ndaregwa can be seen braving the pain as he leans on a makeshift kiosk.  as residents came to his aid.

A bullet wound and hole can be seen just below the knee.

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The surprise from onlookers suggest he was caught by a stray bullet. Lovic vividly in shocking pain looked confused not knowing whether to cry, walk or sit.

 “Tokeni hapa mama, fungeni kazi ju mahali imefika sasa…”

(Get out of this place, close shops for safety) a helper can be heard giving instructions as he attempts to give first aid.

Raila Odinga on his tweet reported he was admitted for medical treatment at Mbagathi District Hospital.

Raila resurfaces, condemn police use of live bullets on protestors.

In other areas, painful scenes of blood and injuries caused by live bullets could be seen as medics and residents gave first aid.

A picture was shared from Ngomongo in Nairobi of a man on a boda boda rushed to a clinic with the leg almost cut in two by a bullet.

In Kisumu Corner Legio, another young man can be seen lying down in pain with intestines out after he was allegedly shot by police.

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Raila has come out of silence, condemned the use of live bullets innocent protestors by police.

“This illegitimate regime is targeting innocent children; using live bullets. Totally unwarranted, unjustifiable and uncalled for,” wrote the former prime minister on his twitter account.

He has promised to follow up on Lovick’s health and recovery at the hospital.  

Maandamano Wednesday to Friday

Raila Odinga in past visit to the Nairobi CBD- PHOTO Courtesy

The opposition led by Raila Odinga announced a series of protests scheduled from today (Wednesday) till Friday against the high cost of living amongst other concerns.

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This has been met by tough talking government side declaring today was not going to be business as usual. Security men could be seen literally in any possible route and location assumed the opposition strong hold.

The Azimio principles and elected leaders from their side body guards were also relieved of their duties exposing the leaders.

Raila’s closest allies, his spokesperson Dennis Onyango and body guard Maurice Ogejo were allegedly either abducted or arrested by mysterious persons.  Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and loyalist Gaucho were reported to be under arrest by section of the media.

Generally, Nairobi CBD city has witnessed calm but with shops closed, losing billions in revenue.

Raila called for an end of the protest today at 5pm, to resume again tomorrow.

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