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A sad tale of overcrowded police cells


By Jacob Oluoch

Kisumu police cells are reportedly full following the high number of detainees arrested for violating the set Ministry of Health Coivid-19 guidelines.

A visit by this Ghetto Radio Reporter in one of the cells revealed full cells that are overcrowded by suspected and remandees awaiting to be transferred to the GK prison.

Some of these remandees have already been arraigned in court and have failed to raise cash bail in order to get their temporary release.

A police officer who sought anonymity further stated that they are experiencing some hitches in transferring the remandees to the GK Prison.

“These cells are for holding suspects or those arrested for a while before they are presented to court. After that, those arraigned in court should be transferred to GK prisons,” said the officer.

“Now we have a mixture of detainees and remandees. Are we Immune to Covid-19? Brother these small cubes in here are full,” he further stated.

Last weekend, Kisumu police officers arrested over 130 people who are said to have violated COVID-19 rules.

The situation has seemingly forced the police officers to slow down on the implementation of the Covid-19 protocols since there is no enough space in the holding cells.

“Now I don’t see the need of arresting those without masks in public. If this person could not afford a mask of sh.10 , where will he or she get that sh.500 fine? Because these are the people who have failed to pay the cash bail. They end up being dumped into our cells further risking our lives,” the source added.

The source further urged the government to transfer the huge number of detainees encountered in cells.