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A section of Gikomba Market Goes Up in Flames


A section of Gikomba market was razed down on Monday morning leaving traders with huge losses.

This is the second time the upmarket has gone up in flames since the year began and traders are now convinced there are cartels responsible for the fires

Some of the traders have even accused police of being responsible for the Monday morning fire.

Wanjiku who sells second-hand clothes is convinced that there is a bigger picture that needs to be investigated in regard to the many fires witnessed at the market.

”The police always come here after each and every fire incident promise to investigate and bring culprits to book, only to go and come back after another fire incident with the same script, we suspect that they must have a hand to it, or are in the pockets of the cartels who engage in the burning of our properties,” she said

Traders also pointed fingers at a said Tanzanian cartel that has been forcing their rules down the traders’ troats, with failure to adhere resulting in grave consequences.

“There is a Tanzanian cartel that controls this market. You either adhere to their rules or suffer the consequences. Traders who are defiant have arson visited on their properties at the hands of paid street urchins” said another trader