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  • The appellant claims the money was raised by friends for his dowry payment
  • He says he is on the verge of losing a fiancee
  • Wambua earns ksh 150000 monthly

An accountant working with Kenya Rura Road Authority (KERRA) has filed an application seeking to quash orders obtained by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission freezing his dowry account.

The aggrieved accountant Daniel Wambua says through his lawyers Danstan Omari and Martina Swiga that EACC obtained the orders without disclosing material facts that ksh 21 Milion in his account is a contribution from friends towards payment of dowry.

” The handsome man who loves a beautiful woman is on the verge of losing his wife to be because he raised much more than what is expected.. I’m not aware of any law that criminalise dowry negotiations and subsequent marriage.” Says lawyer Omari

The freezing orders were issued by Justice Esther Maina, where EACC purpoted that Mr.Wambua was involved in money laundering activities.

The accountant has provided bank statements and evidence on how the money was raised by 900 friends.

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The application seeking to annul the orders will be placed before vacation judges for directions.

The lawyers allege that the dowry payment date that was scheduled for 5th August has since elapsed as the court battle continues

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