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  • She said that many women enter the dating scene without a clear purpose
  • She said her ideal man is tall, dark and handsome

KBC TV Presenter Cynthia Nyamai has stated that a woman who resorts to asking men for Transportation money (fare) is not serious about her life and has no business being in a relationship.

Nyamai argues that if a woman cannot afford her own fare it reflects a lack of personal responsibility and financial independence.

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“A man sends the woman or the girl fare for what? If that woman cannot afford fare she has no business dating. It means she has not worked on some areas in her life…we are not just dating for fun,”

she said in an interview with Lynn Ngugi.

She went on to claim that such behavior indicates the woman hasn’t worked on herself sufficiently and is unable to stand on her own two feet.

Free Food

The presenter further alleged that many women enter the dating scene without a clear purpose, leading to eventual heartbreak.

“You are going to see that man for what? A girl is going to that date to use that man, get money from him or free food,”

She pointed out that women who accept fare from men often have ulterior motives, such as seeking free meals or money, which she deemed as laziness.

 Nyamai cautioned men to be cautious of women who agree to dates without having plans for the day, suggesting that these women lack direction and ambition.

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“Be weary of a girl whom you tell …kesho si tukutane……if she just says yes. Ask yourself kwani hakuwa ameplania kesho? Cancel that date quickly,”

She hopes to marry a King

Despite being in her 40s and not married, Nyamai expressed optimism of finding love.

She indicated that her perspective on romance is deeply rooted in spirituality and purpose. She emphasized that she values alignment and shared goals over material wealth.

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I know my man has to be a king. I can’t marry lower than a King and I know people will think it means property blah blah blah, but it is where they are in the spiritual things. Some things come naturally from working with God.As a prophet, I can only marry a King, so that he doesn’t tear down my office and things that God has given me,”

She outlined her ideal partner as someone who possesses qualities beyond physical appearance, including height, a dark complexion, handsomeness, and smells nice.

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