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•Celebrating Hip Hop At 50 Years

•Khaligraph Makes An Appearance

Veteran hip hop star Andrew Kabiru Karuku commonly known as Abbas    Kubaff or Doobiez spearheded Kenya’s Hip Hop at 50 on the Black History Month.

Abbas, formerly of K South Flava was the highlight of the day during the Saturday’s event that went down at the Alliance Fraincaise.

The celebrated rapstar who’s ranked fourth richest ($4million), courtesy of Kenyan Magazine 2022,wore a yellow t.shirt emblazoned ‘Tusker’ with green patterned pants and a red bandana tied on his forehead, to complement his look the Bamba rapper embellished a gold chain and an African beaded chain.

Having stayed overseas for quite sometime, Abbas had a ‘throw back party’ with the well attended crowd as he performed some of his previous hits among them the chart topping ‘Chapaa’.

Other performances came from Nafsi Huru who’s currently riding high with his newest album ‘Uhuru Wa Nafsi’ he was backed up by Mundu Wa Musyi, The first lady of hip hop Nazizi,MC Sharon,Zakah,Sharama and the little spitting Marsh Mashavu among others blessed the microphone.

The MC of the day was Ukoo Flani Maumau’s star Guru Gang.

Abbas Kubaff Photo/Courtesy

Khaligraph Makes An Appearance

In a show of giving hip hop it’s flowers when he’s still breathing,High flying hip hop rapper Khaligraph Jones made an appearance.Papa Jones as he’s fondly referred to mingled freely as he shared snaps here and there.

Other star’s at the event included Kitusewer, Oksido ‘chief rocker’,Kev Mshamba (Washamba Wenza),Nguchi   P,Ndolo Yeng, Steve Kipande(Filmmaker,Dad to Marsh Mashavu),Hip Hop player Miss Ruby,Wakamba Wawili (Labalaa and Agano) among others.

Hip Hop Star Khaligraph Jones enjoying a photo moment

G-Rongi, Flamez Mshamba Wars

Apart from the fun filled aura flowing with bars and punchlines,a nasty confrontation ensued between  seasoned hip hopper G Rongi and Washamba Wenza’s Flamez Mshamba Mwenza.

According to Flamez Mshamba Mwenza, G-Rongi not only roughed him up but also  threatened him and his son.

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In a long post on his social media platform, Facebook Flamez fought off G-Rongi while calling him to a lyrical duel.

“…G.rongi Matigari buda usiwahi tena threaten life ya mtoi wangu tena na hiyo ni warning..’ati utanigeuza mimi na mtoi wangu damu” usijaribu mzae..usiniambie nikuskize na skill kwangu wewe ni paper weight,watu kama wewe ndio reason Hip Hop iko na problems hiyo ubinafsi yenu imewafanya enemies of progress…Ka unaona unaweza ni take on ki skill wise then it’s game on. I will surely enjoy destroying you on the beats though najua hauna hizo guts,” read part of Flamez statement

Through a phonecall interview with Ghetto Radio, Flamez Mshamba Mwenza affirmed their confrontation with G-Rongi.

“Mimi ata nashindwa ni nini mbaya na huyu msee,alinishika mashati nikaa anataka kunivunja,ananitusi akismile ndio mtoi wangu asishikanishe sasa mtoi ameingiza njeve akamrushia chupa ya waba    ndio akaniacha ati ata tugeuza mi na mtoi wangu damu…”stated Flamez

Despite the near altercation, Flamez added that he enjoyed the day.

“Hip Hop ni culture ya love,nilikam ku show love na kiukweli nilijibamba” He added

Black History Month is a celebration of African Americans honoring their triumphs and struggles in civil rights movement, music,arts and culture not forgetting their political strides.

In the United States and Canada it’s celebrated in February whereas in the UK and Ireland it’s commemorated in the month of October.

By Steve Osaka

February 21, 2023

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