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About 400 Police Officers Deployed In Mathare To Man Elections

Approximately 386 police officers have been deployed in Mathare Sub County to man polling stations during the August 9 General Elections.

Mathare Sub County Deputy County Commander Jack Obuo says that the 386 police officers are those that will be stationed inside polling stations.

Speaking during an interview with Ghetto Radio News Obuo stated that more officers will be deployed outside and within the vicinity of the polling stations.

“We are well prepared in terms of security, we have deployed officers in every polling station. This is the number that is required by the government,” said Obuo.

Obuo says that they have also established a command center to help us man security within the whole sub county.

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“We have established a special center, known as the command center. This center will have officers from different departments including the DCI. All information regarding security will be relayed in these centers,” said Obuo.

The command centers have apparently been established in all sub counties within Nairobi County and the entire nation.

Mathare has so far not received any reports unrest ahead of the elections.

Obuo has called for peace and asked people to cast their votes and go home.