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Acrobats left stranded after training ground is turned into an Orphanage


Acrobats in Kayole have raised concern after one of their training and performance grounds was turned into a children’s orphanage.

The acrobats who used to train at Kayole one social hall now say they are unable to use the facility and have nowhere else to go.

For more than 3years Kayole one Social hall has been home to street children which blocked residents of the area from accessing the hall for social activities.

Speaking to ghetto radio Anthony Wangai, one of the acrobats says they have been struggling to find space for practice not only for acrobats but also for boxers since the social hall was converted into a children’s home.

“We are forced to look for other places to train; sometimes we go all the way to Kayole two social hall. How can a social hall be turned to a children’s home? We don’t even know who is responsible for it.” Said Anthony

The acrobats say they don’t know who has been funding the operation but maintain that they don’t understand why a hall meant for social activities in the area was turned into an orphanage.

Street children who for three years have found shelter at the facility have also been forced to seek shelter elsewhere.