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Acting Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu Joins City MPs In Supporting BBI

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By Allan Otieno

Nairobi acting governor Ann Kananu has rallied city residents to support the Building Bridges Initiative saying it will create more empowerment opportunities for both women and youths.
Speaking during the issuance of checks to youth groups by ministry of gender ,Kanunu noted that with opportunities for women and youth many will have jobs and therefore reduce unemployment rate in the country.
‘‘Building Bridges Initiative is empowering women and youths you should not be cheated ,yes you can be given a wheelbarrow but will it help you are you a luggage?…let’s be focused and support BBI because if you support a woman theb you are supporting the whole nation,’ Kananu said.
Meanwhile Westlands Member of Parliament Tim Wanyonyi has slammed politicians who are misleading the public that courts stopped the BBI process saying such utterances are meant to divert public attention and disrupt the mind of Kenyans.
‘‘We should not be misguided let’s look at what is inside the BBI and support it..court orders only apply to the IEBC but do not affect the whole process.. such propaganda should stop,’’ he added.
He also asked Nairobi MCAs to hasten and pass the BBI bill.


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