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Activists Concerned Over Women Relocating To ‘Safer’ Places Ahead Of Elections

A section of Human Rights activists now wants the government to put in place response and prevention mechanisms to avoid electoral related sexual violence ahead of the August 9 General Elections.

The activists under the umbrella Mulika Wabakaji say that many women are currently to fear of electoral related sexual violence ahead of the General Elections.

The activists say that relocation over fear of sexual abuse will deny many women their constitutional right to vote.

Many women relocating to other places deemed as safer are mostly those from the informal settlements.

“Relocation before elections (for fear of violence). People who relocate will not exercise their rights to vote. Women and children are often the ones who relocate. Men remain. So mostly women’s right to vote is jeopardized. With relocation, informal economy is which women driven is predominantly is negatively affected as well as women’s loss of income,” said Naomi Baraza of Mulika Wabakaji.

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Mulika Wabakaji has classified rape, defilement, sexual and physical assault as some of the electoral related sexual violence.

Baraza says that most women also suffer from mental instability during the pre and post electoral period.

Meanwhile the activists are recommending that the government starts by educating the different security agencies on how they can be engaged during and after elections.

They also want the government to map out shelters and their capacities in preparations of any shortcomings.