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Activists Condemn Abduction Of Terror Suspect Elgiva Bwire, Lawyer Hassan


Human Rights groups today held peaceful processions to condemn the growing cases of extra judicial killings and forced disappearances.

The groups led by Haki Africa, Amnesty International and the Supreme Council of Muslims specifically condemned the abduction of convicted terrorist Elgiva Bwire and the subsequent dumping of lawyer Hassan Nandwa by alleged state bodies.

LSK Nairobi Branch Chairman Eric Theuri further asked the Attorney General to advise the government against continuing with the abductions and forced disappearances.

Theuri also condemned the targeted intimidation of advocates against defending certain victims and insisted on the need to avoid associating advocates with their clients.


“If people have committed offences let them be processed through the procedure and the institutions that have been set out in the constitution. The policy of abducting citizens is against the law, it is unconstitutional and should stop immediately,” said Theuri.

“Do not intimidate advocates when they represent their clients. An advocate is just a mouthpiece of the client and his only duty is to ensure that the law is followed. An advocate should never be associated with his client,”  he added.

Hassan Ole Nado, chairman of the supreme council of Muslims emphasized on the need of Kenyans to remain united in the fight against the injustices meted by the government.

“Kenyans let us not look at this as an issue of mMuslims alone, let us not look at this as an issue of advocates only because professor was involved…. It is an issue that concerns each and everyone of us,” said Ole Nado.