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Activists condemn Jacaranda grounds chaos, ask politicians to preach peace

Activists in Kenya have condemned the violence that took place in Jacaranda on Kenya Kwanza on Sunday.

Led by the Nubian Rights Forum Chairman Shaffie Hussein accused politicians of paying the youth to cause chaos in Jacranda.

“We can no longer tolerate this politics of chaos. Politicians should stop giving young Kenyans small money to kill themselves. We must condemn it totally otherwise the whole country will burn after the 9th August election. We want to tell politicians to stop misusing the young Kenyans. I would like to tell the youths not to allow any politician use them to kill their brothers or their sister, we are all Kenyans and at the end of the day we have no other country to go to,” Shaffie told Ghetto Radio news.

He further asked police officers not to be partisan and ensure that all law breakers are brought to justice.

“The problem with police officers in Kenya is that they are not independent, they are still under executive so we have a big challenge until when we will have a police system that works independently. What we are telling them meanwhile is that they should be non-partisan and any law breaker must be taken to court without minding who the person supports or what party they belong to,” Shaffie said

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Shaffie asked politicians to preach peace during their campaign trails to avoid the country going into a post-election violence.

“The Jacaranda chaos is not the first one, we have seen the indication severally and it is quite clear that the country might have a post-election violence after the August election unless all the presidential candidates come out soberly and understand that Kenya is Bigger than themselves and should conduct their campaigns peaceful to avoid violence,” He added.

By: Emmaline Owuor