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Activists Hold Peaceful Anti-Abortion Demonstrations


A group of pro-life activists on Saturday held peaceful demonstrations to rally Kenyans against abortion.

The activists belonging to the Kenya Christians Professional Forum and Uhai Consortium say that they scheduled the protests for March since it is the month that Jesus was conceived.

Speaking to journalists during the event the chairman of Kenya Christians Professional Forum and Legal Practitioner Charles Kanjama says that the lives of the vulnerable are upheld and protected.

“The life of a person begins from the conception, in recognition to this article and the mission Jesus Christ in John 10:10 ,KCPF continues to uphold the sanctity of the human life, and in line with our beliefs that life begins at conception and must be valued and protected till natural death,”Kanjama said.

Kenya Community Development Forum and a seasoned gynaecologist Dr Wahome Ngare also called for equal protection of unborn babies regardless of the condition of conception.


Dr. Ngare stated that the constitution is in line with religious values and therefore a contravention of the constitution also breaches God’s law.

“Equality is what we are here to champion whether we are inside the womb or outside, whether conceived throt circumstances that are not good,with or without abnormalities and also care for the mothers in crisis pregnancies to ensure no lifeis lost,”Ngare said.

By Rodgers Oduor