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Activists Hold Vigil in Mathare for Diplomat Who Died Of Covid-19

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Human Rights activists in Mathare slums yesterday held a vigil to celebrate the life of a Belgian Diplomat who contracted covid-19 in the country and died.

Noem  Ral who was also a secretary at the Belgian Embassy to Kenya succumbed to Covid-19 last month.

Rachel Mwikali an activist from mathare described her as a people’s person who never shied away from visiting and addressing the plights of the people in the slums.

“She was a mentor and a friend. Despite being a diplomat, she blended well with us. Many diplomats don’t come to the ghettos but she did and offered many help to us,” said Mwikali.

Ral’s husband Dunn Scot stated that it was devasting to see his wife succumb to Covid-19 since both of them had tested positive at the same time.

Scott however recovered after five days but his wife died after being transferred to a hospital in Belgium.

“We both got sick at the same time. It was the beginning of March when we had our first symptoms. For the first five days, we were sick at the same way. After five days I got better and she got worse and so we brought her to the hospital. The gave her some treatment and she got better then got worse,” narrated Dunn.

“This went on for almost three months. She was evacuated to Johannesburg in South Africa because they had some machines that we thought maybe could help her but it was too much, the sickness was too much so she died on May 20th,” he stated.

The team also distributed food to families in the slums in honour of the diplomat.


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