A group of activists from Mathare slums have presented a petition to the Director of Public Prosecutions Nordin Haji over last week’s skirmishes that reportedly saw three people killed, six injured and 50 homes razed to the ground.

The Mathare Social Justice Centre in collaboration Vision Bearers Youth Group, Ecological Justice, Ghetto Foundation and various other grassroots organizations presented the petition on Friday.

The petition presented sought to have Haji to compel the Office of the Inspector General of the National Police service to begin investigations into the Skirmishes owing to delays ot lack of response by Security Agencies in dealing with the matter.

Speaking at the Mathare Social Justice Centre along Juja road Nairobi, convener of the Centre Mr. Gacheke Gachehe lamented that Extra Judicial killings never happen in uptown neighborhoods of Nairobi but is quite rife in the informal settlement.

Also speaking at the event was Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid who protested that various individuals within the area set up pseudo social media accounts which they use to profile individuals in the community as criminals adding that such accounts should be investigated and those found to be guilty of the same to face the law.

Concluding the address was Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Nordin Haji who said; ” I have heard your complaints and they are quite disheartened by the same and will find a solution to ensure that you live in peace because it is a right enshrined under the Constitution of Kenya 2010″ He continued to add, ” I will also look into the claims of profiling and cyber bullying to ensure that you all live in peace”
By Milo George

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