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  • The Anti-finance bill signature collection exercise started officially yesterday 15th June as the Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u read the proposed budget for 2023/24 financial year
  • According to Njagi, it also goes against all the campaign promises President Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team gave to Kenyans.

A group of activists on Thursday took to the streets to protest against the 2023/24 Budget read by Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u.

FreeKenya Movement Interim Chairperson Bob Njagi says that   has serious  economic  implications  to the salaried  Kenyans  and contradicts president Ruto’s  pre-election  pledges  to the low income  earns.

According to Njagi, it also goes against all the campaign promises President Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team gave to Kenyans.

“When Ruto came to office he came with promises to help struggling Kenyans get footing. He brainwashed the struggling mwananchi that he had good intentions to make life easy. Suddenly the president is taxing everything he said he would not touch…this is uncalled for,” said Njagi.

He further rubbished the looming gross sales tax in the proposed tax bill amounts to double taxation saying it will kill the morale of small enterprises. He urged that the president must come out and fulfil his promises to the economically crippling Kenyans.

“Double taxation is illegal because if VAT has been slashed out, why then would you tax mama mboga for a sale and already there are trade licenses?” he posed.

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Dictatorial Rule

Njagi’s sentiments  were further  reiterated  by  Florence  Kanyi who lamented policy implementation  by the Kenya  Kwanza administration, she alleged that president  had resorted  to take the dictatorial  rule citing  instances  where the president  had dared  Kenya  Kwanza  Parliamentarians  to vote against  the bills.

“Tunaona anatumia( President Ruto) anatumia nguvu nyingi kushurutisha viongozi kama watoto wadogo, I can describe  the president  as a serial liar, we need public  participation,” Kanyi stated.

She further  alleged  that there is little  public confidence  in funds management  in the country as the country  has recorded a series  of graft cases in the public  institution, the cases that there  finality has marked  by unsubstantiated acquittal reappointment  of the  suspects.

“As I  speak  there is no money  in the NHIF, KEMSA and most public  office, What else  can the government do to demonstrate that funds will be managed  well?” She questioned.

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