Activists Protest MPs House Allowance Demands

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A group of activists on Thursday held demonstrations against the ongoing push for house allowance increment by MPs.

The activists protested saying that they were not going to stand still and watch the Mps loot the country.

They claim the Mps are running the country like a kiosk where they get what they want.

“We are going to take this fight to the furthest end of this country, these MPs are acting like they own the title deed to this country. We are going to deal with them thoroughly,” stated one of the protesters.

The demonstrators further proposed that the money being diverted to MPs House Allowances should be used to build police officers decent houses.

“The very people who are protecting them are living in mini-ports like pigs and the guys they are protecting want to increase their house allowances,” they stated.

The court however stopped the MPs allowance increment after the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and activist Okiya Omtata moved to court to stop the lawmakers from awarding themselves up to Sh 3 million annually in additional allowances.