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Activists protesting against theft of Covid-19 funds arrested


Police have arrested 11 activists who were protesting in the city against the loss of Covid-19 funds.

The activists who had gathered at the freedom corner to protest against the loss of billions of Covid-19 funds at the Ministry of Health.

While at the freedom corner police threw teargas canisters at them to disperse the gathering.

The protesters demanded to know how the Covid-19 funds had been used, this is follows reports in the media claiming that billions had been lost in shrewd tenders and some fund diverted.

The protesters however made their way to the CBD upon which they were bundled in police vans and taken to the police station.

“We have to know why we are being arrested. why are you arresting us. Which police station are you taking us?” asked some of the acivists.

Police say that the demos were illegal as the Covid-19 regulations do not allow the gathering of more than 19 people.